LJRandText v1.1

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There is an updated version of LJRandText (see original post). As far as the command line switches and output, version 1.1 works the same as v1.0. Internally, it is more efficient and has switched from parsing HTTP to requesting XML (RSS feeds). What this means is that it is incredible reliable now. v1.0 had a few parsing problems and would sometimes need to request the pages of several users before it finally found one it could parse. Since v1.1 uses entirely XML, parsing is not an issue. On the other hand, LiveJournal does a few things with the RSS feeds: if the RSS that is being requested belongs to a paying user, the full entries are returned; if the RSS belongs to a free user, only the first 50-or-so characters are returned in the XML results. This means that some of the returned entries will be cut short with a “…” at the end.

Anyway, source code and compiled Java is at https://netninja.com/files/LJRandText-1.1.zip. Once again, it requires Java 1.4 (for the XML parsing and such).

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