HR: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without

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So, I was going to write a post about how beautiful it is up here. It was going to be about the variety of weather. In Southern California, there is no weather. The temperature and humidity are universal constants, like the speed of light. Up here (at least right now–I cannot say about Winter), there is a lot of weather that changes, leaving no sign of the previous weather. For instance, the other morning it was raining thunder and lighting when I woke up. By lunch, it was hot enough to be uncomfortable outside in anything but a t-shirt and jeans–the sun eradicating any sign that it had rained. By evening, it was raining again. You can't look ANYWHERE without seeing greenery. I am not talking sterile Irvine greenery, but REAL “it was here before the buildings” greenery.

Anyway, that was going to be my post, but I am now full of nervous, anxious energy. You see, corporate HR (up in Canada) emailed me a plan the other day detailing how they were going to take a big chunk out of each paycheck between now and almost Christmas. Thanks to the magic of Spam filtering, I did not receive it until our local HR lady sent it to me (the “From” address was from the corporate domain name and not our company's, so that was a tiny red flag, plus a lot of Spam nowadays uses financial stuff in the “Subject” line like “overpayment,” “cancellation,” “discontinue service,” “wages,” etc. just to get your attention).

It turns out that they have record of an extra paycheck that came my way almost exactly a year ago. This was during the turmoil of layoffs, when they were about to accidentally lay off the wrong people. I got a hand-written paycheck because of this, but my auto-deposit went through, too.

So they have record of two paychecks being issued to me. What they do not have is record of check #327, from me to them, covering exactly (well, about $0.07 off) the amount of one of those checks. As such, they developed a little schedule for me to pay back the extra cash that was already paid off. Of course, this is complicated by the fact that our local HR lady works 1.5 days a week and the corporate one is difficult to reach. Good times!

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