It Came From The Great Lakes

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Kate and I rented Adaptation last week from Netflix. We were both glad we Netflix'ed it and did not pay to see it in the theater. I think that probably had a lot to do with my dream last night, but I am not sure why the dream occurred last night and not the night we rented it…

I was writing a movie, but it was unfinished and I was watching it play out as it was being written. In this movie/dream/story/thing, there was some kind of experimental program to help kids in schools. They had access to all sorts of labs and equipment and could do anything they wanted with it. The particular children that this story was focused upon built what was basically a set of supersoldiers. They were not thought of as such — more like something out of a comic book, like a superhero, and not a murderous warmongering pawn of the army. These soldiers had metal skeletons and all sorts of attachments (guns, parachutes, etc).

I was watching the whole thing from my broomstick. Yes, from my flying broom. It looked just like a regular flying broom you see on Bewitched or Harry Potter, with one difference. This broom would hover, but it would not motivate on its own. There was a pair of cranks, like bicycle peddles, in the front of the broom that you had to cycle with your hands to make it go.

So anyway, a national disaster was about to occur and these superheros were to go help out. You see, there was a hurricane in South Dakota. Do not ask me how it got to South Dakota. I think the theory at the time was that it originated in the great lakes. That's dream logic for you. A few of the soldiers were air-dropped over South Dakota with some of the kids. Everyone had parachutes (the soldiers' were built-in), but the kids had to hang onto the soldiers anyway because their metal skeletons were heavier and caused them to fall faster (nevermind that whole pesky physics and gravity thing with Galileo and Leaning Tower).

I got to fly around on my broom and see everyone preparing for the storm. A gas station owner was walling off the pumps with a circle of bricks. Kids were out of school and got to skate and BMX-bike with giant sheets to catch the power of the wind. Others people were packing up their cars to leave. It was a mixture of fun and stress.

It later turned out one of the soldiers/superheros was missing. He had to be air-dropped later, only they accidentally dropped him over Florida, which looked like a map (complete with the red/pink political school-map coloring) from that high up. As we got closer to the ground or the paper or whatever it was, I noticed a round island labeled ouroboros. I convinced myself in retrospect that it really said Airbus.

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