In unrelated news, I discovered the source of the odor

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I finally tracked down the source of my wireless networking problem! Yeay! It seems that every once in a while, I get knocked off of my wireless network and cannot reconnect for some amount of time. I thought that maybe this was interference from a neighbor’s network, but that did not check out (they are on different channels — I logged into his Linksys router to check). I thought that maybe there were incompatibilities between the AirportExtreme 802.11g card and the Orinoco AP 802.11b, but that did not turn out to be the source. The real source? It looks like it is the CORDLESS PHONE! I have a 2.4 gigahertz digital phone. I have a wireless network. They both operate on the same FCC unregulated band and seem to be interfering. I guess now I will have to compare and contrast the specific frequencies they use and switch the network to something the cordless cannot “see,” assuming there is such a frequency.

I hope the music service Apple announces Monday does not suck. They have the backing of all of the record labels, which is good. Here’s to the hope that it will be like eMusic or Audible, only bigger and better!

And here’s to the hope that the new Tomb Raider movie will be good. The trailer looks awesome! The premise also looks a little more believable than the last one — the particular artifact being sought this time is Pandora’s Box, and not some crazy key to time or whatever the heck the last thing was.

It turns out that when you take an all-metal laptop to Diedrich’s after dark, the whole thing gets FRIGGIN’ COLD!

Yesterday, at Hi-Time, I picked up a surprisingly good ale. Pretty much, I picked it up on a whim because of the bottle and nothing more. While it is an ale, it comes in a little flask-like bottle. There is a lot of history in the bottle, blah, blah, modern replica, blah, blah, originally designed in 1770, blah, blah. It is a cool bottle nonetheless. A little additional reading shows that not only is it a cool bottle, it is completely organic, certified UK5 Organic — which is probably a million times better than the domestic USDA-Organic. Upon tasting it after returning home, I discovered it is a damn fine ale! So far, the last two things I picked up from Hi-Time on a whim, as an experiment, turned out to be surprisingly good — first the pumpkin ale, and now the St. Peter’s.

Oh, and while I am posting pictures:

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