Don’t believe his lies, he is the one, kill him.

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Lisa's B-Day last night was fun. The usual suspects were there: Lisa, Brandon, Conrad, Noel, Brian, his sister, Kate, and I. We played a nifty little movie trivia game that was partly board game and part interactive DVD. Of course, my lack of nonlinear recall kind of pushed me to last place. There was some watching of the Iron Chef and some watching of The TBN and much chatting about anything and everything. I fear that I am not “all prayed up,” but I do know now that “JC is in the hizouse,” and the goth-skater kid (huh?!) got blown up and, presumably, went to hell. Then there was the magic of the videos of the public access channel. I had already seen it, so it was less horrifying this time around.

Currently, I am watching the special edition of Memento–the version with the on-screen menus that resemble standardized tests–the version with the aggravating menus that make you feel more and more like you are in the happy farm. Anyway, Kate and I discovered the Rorschach test of the 21st century: explodingdog. I downloaded a couple of hundred pictures from the site and stuffed 'em into the Mac pan-and-fade screensaver. Now, whenever the laptop goes idle, I get touching, sweeping pictures from explodingdog. Of course the website has titles for each picture embedded in the page, so these pictures are completely out of context. You end up making your own back story for each image. Most of the time, Kate and I get the same happy/sad/weird feeling from the same pictures, but every once in a while, we differ.

Random IM snippet:
IgnatzMous: if you cut yourself while slicing [garlic], WASH THAT CUT GOOD.
BriEnigma: So, I guess it was a bad thing that I did that tribal thing with cutting slits in my penis skin and inserting half-cloves of garlic beneath?
IgnatzMous: at least you won't have vampires sucking your COCK any more
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