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If I die from SARS (or SIDS or any other four-letter medical acronym that starts with S and is still relatively unknown), it is all my cow-orker Tim's fault! He just got back from a NIST conference in Washington DC, where there were 60 people from across the US and Asia. It would be just my luck that somebody brought the SARS along, gave it to Tim (who will, according to my luck, remain immune), who then gives it to me and only me. Then I cannot breathe and die.

On an unrelated note, I picked up the Tom Lehrer box set today and just completed the requisite MP3 encoding. It comes with 3 CDs and a little hardback book. A good number of the included songs are ones I remember fondly from the Doctor Demento show back in junior high.

On yet another unrelated note, I am now able to ditch my radio recording Linux box (which was basically a primitive Tivo designed for strictly radio and not television) in favor of a more robust solution under OS X. KPCC has had streaming audio on the web for about 6 months now, and Audio Hijack Pro will very simply and easily let you set up timers and URLs. Now, I can suck up the live RealAudio stream of Film Week every Friday at 10am–on a timer–and have it recorded as an MP3 that can be loaded in the iPod. How cool is that? Well, to most others, it probably is not very cool at all…

Copying multi-gigabyte files from a computer to a hard drive to another computer over firewire is blindingly fast (a minute or two). Doing the same copy over a fast network is slow (30 minutes). Doing the same over a wireless network is EXTREMELY slow (do not even TRY–it is 1/10th the speed of the wired network).

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