“Happy Keister!”

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I got the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets video game last night. It is much cooler than the first–better game play and better stability, but not as close to the story. I really have not played it more than about 30 minutes, but it is looking quite good.

Meta_kate and I saw “A Mighty Wind” this afternoon. One word: excellent! We heard a little thing on NPR earlier in the week, and that got us in the right mood–we had to watch Spinal Tap later that evening. Last week, we saw Waiting for Guffman (me for the first tome, Kate for the second[?] time). Christopher Guest keeps amazing me. In all of his movies, I never recognize him without already knowing who he is. He always looks different. He always plays a different character. It confuses my feeble little mind.

Right now, we are watching Best In Show again, and playing the IMDB game, checking how interconnected this whole group of actors/actresses are. We are watching this, going “Hey! That is ___ from Mighty Wind! Hey! That is ___ from Spinal Tap! etc…” Oh, and Ed Begley Jr. is funny just because he is Ed Begley Jr. Dude, and Fred Willard! He is always so inappropriately funny, always playing a character who tries way too hard to be a comedian!

Movie over. Watching Willow as a skin-tight-leather-clad vampire. “This is my favorite part.” “All of the parts are your favorite part.” “Bored now.”

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