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Today, everybody at work noticed that I stapled the staplers to the walls.

Also, today nothing is broken. My car had been in the shop since Saturday (a previous bad break pad installation combined with a loose battery cable–which I SWEAR I checked). My phone/organizer had been broken since Friday (shattered screen), and the replacement finally arrived. I am glad to be able to drive myself around (and I am sure that Kate and BC are happy to not have to tote my ass around). Combine the repairs with the new tires from two weekends ago, and I have been drained of money. Good thing the paycheck arrives tomorrow.

Thanks to Burningsky's post, I now have several Tom Leher songs stuck in my head and will have to locate the appropriate MP3s. Thanks to Marmot's post, Meta_kate and I rented An Evening With Kevin Smith on DVD from Netflix. We both agree that it is darn good, and we both agree that the part with his wife and the ouchy could have been left out and we would have been just as happy with the DVDs, possibly even more so.

I was thinking of writing a random band name generator using Markov Chains. It would be a nifty little exercise in Objective-C programming. Unfortunately, it looks like most of the band names are one or two, possibly three words long. This does not make for good Markov Chain fodder. I may write an engine or library/bundle anyway, just to get the practice. That way, it will be prewritten for the next time I think of incorporating it into something.

A thought occurs. Most people know that I dislike (or despise) Fry's Electronics, the local computer superstore that muscled out CompUSA, which muscled out SoftWarehouse, which muscled out the Laser Tag arena. They have large signs posted out front that says photography and filming video are prohibited while in the store. So….I thought it would be funny to go into the store and PRETEND to take pictures–putting the camera to my eye and squinting, but not actually take the pictures. It would be even more funny to pretend to take pictures of the security cameras they have installed in every aisle.

Pumpkin ale is the best thing ever. I got it on a whim, not knowing whether it would be any good, based on Harry Potter. The kids in there drink pumpkin juice and butter beer, but for some reason my brain crossed the two. When I saw the pumpkin ale at the store, I thought that was what they drank. I thought I would try it to find out just how horrible it was. It turned out to be EXCELLENT! Yeay!

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