I hanker for a hunk o’ cheese

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Mac Update: I have almost collected up all of the original “w4r3z” and “appz” for the Mac that I had on the various CDs floating around here: Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Photoshop, Eye Candy, Illustrator, After Effects, Pagemaker, Bryce, Quicken (came with the computer), LimeWire, Palm Desktop, a good LiveJournal client. I also managed to pick up a few new apps: Toast, Virtual PC, Mathematica. I downloaded the Tomb Raider demo and am awed at the the awesome 3D graphics this video chipset can do. This Mac (and Mac user) is smilin'.

I just got finished cooking come bow tie pasta with some good veggie sauce on top. The strange thing about this particular box of bow tie pasta is that the bows are no larger than a carpenter ant. They're TINY. I used a whole box! I also discovered that they have a very high coefficient of expansion. I think there is an inverse relationship between the original size of the pasta and the amount it expands. Larger bow ties do not get that much bigger, nor do wagon wheels or cork screws. These little bow ties got big enough to wear (assuming you had a matching suit, taped glasses, and a pocket protector). I had to dump a whole jar and a half of sauce on them! Geez! Somehow, though, I think that these taste better than the other kinds of pasta. I would have to guess that is because per unit of weight or volume, you get more surface area. That would be more surface area to cling to yummy-nummy Ragu garden combination sauce (which used to be a full day's worth of veggies per serving, but a month or two after the sauce's debut, they removed that particular bit o' info from the label).

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