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This is my first post from a Mac. The LiveJournal client software looks pretty nifty. Hopefully it works as nifty as it looks.

I have become much more happy with my Mac experience now that I have found a good net-radio station. I used to always listen to Spinner, which became Netscape radio. That had a really good 80's alt station and several nice jazz stations. The 80's alt, I found, was seriously lacking in iTunes. There is a whole section for 80's with about 10 different stations, but they all tend to play crap every other song. When I want to listen to 80's, I do not want to listen to big-hair metal. I do not want to listen to Eddie Money. I do not want to listen to Cory Heart. I do not want to listen to soulful power balads. I want to listen to Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, FINALLY, in browsing around to various other iTunes categories, I discovered “Perkigoth.” Sure, the name is a little silly, but the music is more my style. I am still trying to figure out why I want to listen to 80's on a netradio station, considering that about half of my 80 gig MP3 collection falls, more or less, into this category. I guess there is just something about letting someone else pick the playlist. Plus, sometimes a song comes on that I say, “hey, I remember that! Why don't I have it in my MP3 collection?”

I am currently installing Windows 2000 on my Mac. Why? I just wanted to see how it runs. I'll probably delete it in a few days. It is really kind of cool the way Virtual PC works. It detected that it was a bootable CD and booted from it in its little virtual machine.

At work today, I got the BIGGEST laugh I have gotten in a long time. I got to evaluate cryptographic software from this guy. It was the most laughable stuff in the world! I think I am going to pass the Powerpoint slides to Bruce Schneier for his Cryptogram column, “doghouse.”

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