Jumping Bean Capsules, But Not

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So, I guess my company chose me to be on the OASIS technical committee to help come up with an Open Source XML file format for *.doc. Microsoft is also on the same panel, but they do not really care to get rid of their proprietary Word document format. Anyway: associated Slashdot article. At best, maybe I will have a hand in defining a cool new protocol (kind of like what I did with one of the reference implementations of WebDav in college–a technology that is now a fundamental piece of Mac OS X). At worst, I will have some nice resume padding. This is all assuming the company is around for more than another week or two, of course.

In reference to Effluvia's movie, I just heard Ira say “jiggy.” It is your job to go through the archives of RealPlayer format episodes to find the specific one! 😛

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