Because the world needs the Sherlock moan ringtone...

In the BBC Sherlock episode “A Scandal in Belgravia,” Irene Adler (a.k.a. The Woman) takes Sherlock’s cell­phone and sets a cus­tom ring­tone for her­self — a moan, to be pre­cise.  The ring­tone gets used to some effect through­out the episode.

And because the world needs more ring­tones, I turned it into an iPhone ring­tone. There are two vari­ants, one has enough silence added so that it will play on a 2 sec­ond loop and the other, on a 3.  I pre­fer the 3, but to each their own.

Download either (or both) file.  In iTunes, select File -> Add to Library and add the ring­tone file(s).  Sync with your iPhone.  On the phone, pull up your con­tacts and select one.  Tap Edit and scroll down to Ringtone and Text Tone.  Use those options to change the sounds for a given con­tact.


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