Photo dump: mystery switch, window perch, bathroom, sun

When my main machine was the 17″ lap­top, I had a great sys­tem for pulling pic­tures directly from my cam­era, almost imme­di­ately after tak­ing them, then push­ing them to Flickr with FlickrExport for Aperture. The new (well, not ter­ri­bly new now) MacBook Air does not meet the sys­tem require­ments for Aperture (I got the low end one), so I offload pho­tos into iPhoto as a tem­po­rary buffer until I remem­ber to move them over to Aperture. It is a sys­tem that should work pretty well, except for that “until I remem­ber” bit, where it all falls apart. I end up with days like today, where I import into Aperture and Flickr the past month or two of pho­tos. I then dump the high­lights into one mega-photo-post.

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As I tweeted the other day[1][2], the cas­sette player in my car broke. That fact alone should tell you about how old the stereo is. If you want solid num­bers, it is almost 11 years old, and is the stock stereo that came with the car. Ordinarily, this would be no big deal, as I own no cas­sette tapes, but given that a good chunk of my pod­cast lis­ten­ing is in the car and all of my drive music lis­ten­ing is via iPhone/iPod, and the only accept­able way to get that audio into the car is via cas­sette adapter (I refuse to use those FM radio trans­mit­ters), this posed a national emer­gency in my eyes.

Car stereos these days are almost lit­tle com­put­ers. The replace­ment I picked up is a JVC. The Sony stereos looked nice, but I refuse to get Sony, for rea­sons beyond the scope of this blog post. It has USB ports, one in the back and one in the front. I guess there is enough of a USB stack in there that you can plug in a Bluetooth adapter. (I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out why I’d want to.) You can even plug in a USB thumb drive full of MP3s and it will play directly from the drive. Additionally, if you plug an iPhone or iPod into the USB, it treats it as a first-class cit­i­zen and lets you con­trol things from either the radio but­tons or the iPod (so you can have the iPod hid­den away in the glove box or, like I do, have it on a dash­board mount.) Although I have yet to use it for a com­mute — just a short trip out to an elec­tron­ics sur­plus sup­plier in Beavertron — I am quite happy with it.

One thing I did have to deal with is its size. The old stereo is a double-height one. The new one is single-height. I bought a dash kit that has a cov­er­plate for that pur­pose, but it was this cheap-ass thing that did not fit right and looked pretty bad. You would think they would have stan­dard inter­changable cov­er­plates, like on desk­top PCs. Or maybe not. The more I think back to the days of build­ing tower PCs, the more I start to remem­ber three or four dif­fer­ent styles of cov­er­plate that were cer­tainly not inter­change­able. I ended up fash­ion­ing my own and adding what I now call “the mys­tery switch.”

New stereo and mystery switch 4
New stereo and mystery switch 1 New stereo and mystery switch 3

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A while back, the Make Magazine blog posted about a cat win­dow perch [1] [2] you could make from PVC, wire, and suc­tion cups. I tried my hand at it and have the main body, but have yet to sew the ham­mock part. It has been in this state for a few weeks, and yet I’m mar­ried to a seam­stress. Go fig­ure.


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I do not yet have before and after pho­tos of the bath­room remodel, but I do have a pic­ture of Ebenezer ask­ing for water from the bath­room sink. In the mid­dle of kitchen. Not hooked up to any­thing.

Ebenezer wants water from the disconnected sink

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And, of course, the post would be incom­plete with­out adorable sunny cat pic­tures. I have no idea what hap­pened to the sun over the past few days, but a few weeks ago, it was swel­ter­ing.

IMG_0045 IMG_5346 Ebenezer in the sun

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