Star Trek iPhone Ringtone

I finally got a lit­tle tired of my You Look Nice Today Boop Boop Boop Be-Doop Boop ring­tone and decided to try my hand at mak­ing one from scratch. Geeks, nerds, and sci-fi read­ers rejoice at my new Star Trek (old series) com­mu­ni­ca­tor ring­tone! After all, isn’t the iPhone pretty darn close to the ideal of a Star Trek com­mu­ni­ca­tor?

I also changed my SMS sound to the door-chime noise of The Next Generation, but the sound is less inter­est­ing and the process of doing so is much more com­plex and involved. It requires a jail­bro­ken phone and some command-line magic.

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek iPhone Ringtone”

  1. I used to use your ring­tone and loved it — thanks. Ever since I upgrade to 5.0 the ring­tone doesn’t work. Can you pro­vide any insight?



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