For the longest time, up through some point in my teenage years, I had the misconception that Oscar Wilde and Gene Wilder were the same person. Because, really, it wasn’t too difficult seeing Willy Wonka as a flamboyant writer. Earlier in life, I had the wrong idea about the underground railroad. I pictured something like … Continue reading Misconceptions

Don't be stupid, be a smartie

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at http://brianenigma.livejournal.com/2006/09/Matthew Broderick is no Gene Wilder, but Will Ferrell is a great neo-nazi. I now have the second most inappropriate-yet-catchy song … Continue reading Don't be stupid, be a smartie