From lines of code to glazed ceramic

This is a followup to a previous post about my “finger cup” 3D model.  I uploaded the 3D model file to Shapeways and received a version printed in ceramic!

This heavy chunk of hardened clay started as about 16 lines of code.  I’m not counting comments and the lines that consist of only closing curly-braces, but the actual commands.  It went from there to a 3D model in a virtual world (that green thing on a grid).  Next, I printed a copy on my home printer (black ABS plastic, in the middle).  Finally, I sent it to Shapeways, who made it in food-safe glazed ceramic.

In case you do not remember from the previous post, this is what I use to carry a single serving of loose-leaf tea from my desk at the office to the kitchen.

The 3D model file is available over at Thingiverse:

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