The little bowl I designed & printed

UPDATE: I printed this at Shapeways in food-safe glazed ceramic.  See the progression from code to object in a more recent blog post.

I made a thing!  Well, I designed and made a thing.  You will find my “finger cup” at Thingiverse.  Quick background: several times a day at work, I find myself in the position where I need to get my dirty glass, dirty tea infuser, and some fresh tea over to the kitchen (across the building) so that I can clean things out and prepare some fresh tea.

I do loose-leaf tea, stored in tins, and sometimes I combine a few flavors (e.g. gunpowder green + peppermint + spearmint, in varying ratios to alter the caffeine amount).  I don’t have enough hands to carry glass, infuser, and several tins.  I know.  First world problem.  I’ve been using this metal tea-infuser thing that I got for free as a bowl for carrying the tea I’m about to use.  It certainly does not make a very good infuser, but as a bowl it sort of works except it can get messy as smaller flakes decide to fall through the grill.  Plus, the metal is cheap and corroding weirdly.

I figured I could do better.  I could design something roughly the same size, then print it out.  If I found problems or annoyances, I could revise the design.

So that’s the design. I made it for transporting tea, but I suppose you might be able to use it for sauces, soft-boiled eggs, or any number of things.  You can find it (including source code) for all your printing and modification pleasure over at Thingiverse:

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