I made a 3D!

In recent weeks, I have slowly been learning to use Blender, the Open Source 3D modeling application.  My ultimate goal is not animation, but 3D printing.  I’d like to design my own objects in bits and bytes, as well as have a better understanding of the object files for download at Thingiverse.  I’d then like the knowledge and skill to have some of them printed, either at home on a MakerBot or by uploading to a site like Ponoko.

So my atom animation, below, is a little lame.  It’s the 3D modeling equivalent of a “Hello World” program, direct from their free online book, The Essential Blender — but it’s MY lame little animation that I made myself.

In theory, the next time one of the shelf brackets in the refrigerator breaks, I can just design and print a new one.

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