More imagery from the 3rd dimension

I made a cat today.  Yes, it’s very roughly constructed and has no tail, but it’s the first real 3D mesh that I have created without following a tutorial.  It also pushed my meager abilities to the limits due to the organic curves and overall shape.  The proportions are a bit off, it’s lacking the … Continue reading More imagery from the 3rd dimension

From atoms to bytes and back again

Last night I went to a belated Winter Solstice party.  It’s a yearly thing with a fun mix of people and a very particular gift-giving tradition.  You are required (or, at least, highly encouraged) to bring something from your life as a gift.  It’s not exactly “white elephant,” but something more symbolic.  What you bring … Continue reading From atoms to bytes and back again

I made a 3D!

In recent weeks, I have slowly been learning to use Blender, the Open Source 3D modeling application.  My ultimate goal is not animation, but 3D printing.  I’d like to design my own objects in bits and bytes, as well as have a better understanding of the object files for download at Thingiverse.  I’d then like … Continue reading I made a 3D!