Thx. (1138)

Yesterday, I was doing some shopping that was large enough as to require the car. I parked, top down, in the Fred Mayer parking lot and proceeded to shop. Upon returning, I found this note handwritten on the back of a business card, sitting on the driver’s seat:


I should add, at this point, that my license plate (RM –RF) is a little geeky, more obscure that most geekery. I’m not sure if it’s more or less geeky than THX-1138.

Geek Cars

Of course, the other side of the card shows it is from a software consultant. I have obscured the contact details for privacy.


Geekery all around! (In other geeky news, this will be my first attempt at scheduling something within WordPress to be posted in the future. I wonder if Twitter Tools will understand?)

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