Working in the trenches

I just showered while wearing clothing. It was not delightful and invigorating. It was squitchy and gross. I guess I should explain that I was caked from head to foot in mud from digging trenches and forming mounds in the front yard. The ground is hard and clay-like and the grass is like thick carpet, so the hose was involved in softening the dirt and separating the grass. Of course hose plus dirt equals mud, and that was the cause of the situation I found myself in. Lava soap for the win!

We are in the process of forming a natural and visual (but not actual) fence between the sidewalk and the yard. I dislike fences and few of the neighboring houses have fences (aside from one with a chain-link down the block), so putting one up would be entirely out of place. But if we put up a row of tallish plants that form a psychological barrier between the sidewalk and the yard, we get a similar “you kids, get off my lawn!” effect but much more visually pleasing. Once this step is complete and looking good, we will dig up the rest of the yard for planting veggies.

Also: I have diarrhea. I am guessing this stretches into the Too Much Info realm, but I am having difficulty drawing a solid line between getting the mud off of my body and getting the mud out of my body.

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