So does everyone on LJ pretty much use that lj-toys thing to collect stats on who is reading their journal? I had some network issues today and when I hit my friends page I saw that just about every other entry had this little frame in the middle of it:


I assume that means people are tracking and logging and all that. I also assume it doesn’t work on me because I have a referrer-blocker (RefControl) plugin as well as my cookie-limiter (Cookie Monster) and ad-blocker (AdBlock Plus.)

Me? I don’t have secret little 1-pixel trackers. I have direct HTTP logs and that “(n comments)” image, plus Analog to turn those raw logs into charts and graphs.

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  1. From my angle, it’s just the way Livejournal embeds media. Can’t embed a damn thing without it mucking everything up. If there is a tracker, I’m unaware of it.

    This is all very important stuff.

  2. I don’t know about any embeded media thing. I do use ljtoys though. I bumped into it a while back. I was attempting counter-stalker measures. I was doing the ol’ “Oh you see me?… No no no…. I SEE YOU…”

    it’s turned out to be kind of fun. I can see which ex’s, and ex’s of ex’s, are still keeping an eye on me. Hellz yeah…. I got those 1 pixel invisable tracker thingys all over my shiznet.

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