Notes from the overground

1. Near-freezing temperatures today: the weather could not make up its mind whether to rain, snow, or hail this morning.

2. Massage. Yeay! My back’s still pretty f’ed up, yo. Usually, the massage helps, but today things were especially bad. I’ve lost weight, though–most of my pants no longer fit me–but my back is a twisted mess of muscles.

3. Trimming the hedge that’s overtaking the driveway, scratching the cars as the come in and out. In the freezing out-of-doors.

4. Replacing the 11″x14″ windowpane that got smashed by cat action. In the freezing out-of-doors. Glazing compound looks and acts like frosting. This is enhanced by the way you use the putty knife to work with it.

5. Kim now has a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. *snicker* Thanks, mother-in-law. Or something. The magazine was fun to giggle over today, but I can see the joke becoming less and less funny over the next year. Fun stuff to do with your kids! Uhhh… kids? Valentines day tips! Uh, sorry, no. Spices for your arthritis relief! Know those toll-free numbers for family health!

6. Hey you Cali folks! My mom is bringing Kim and I down to Teh OC in February for Christmas vacation… in February. We were not able to get down there in December because of house-buying and house-fix-up and all of that, so X-Mas had to be postponed. We’ll be there 2/8 through 2/11. We’d love to see everyone!

7. To riff off of Kim’s “Good Stuff” post, Ebenezer is indeed one of our cats. He does like to play with anything he can. As many cat owners know, often the lamest, most unintentional, items become the best toy. In this case, a leftover piece of weatherstripping is now the coolest toy imaginable. Also, Ebenezer is the only cat I know that tries to get people to play fetch with him.

(H.264 MP4 video, 43 seconds)
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2 thoughts on “Notes from the overground”

  1. Is that chirping sound him asking you to toss it again? What a great cat.

    I had a cat that would fetch, sorta. She’d bring the plastic bracelet and look at you expectantly. You’d throw it, but then you had to ignore her until she brought it back, because if you said ‘good cat!’ or she even noticed you were watching when she got it she would drop it and run back to you. Silly cat.

  2. Ebenezer makes a few different noises: the standard meow, the constant meowmeowmeowmeowmeow when he wants food, chirps when he wants to play or attention, and the dreaded kitty-siren that lets you know you have about 8 seconds to find a paper towel before he coughs something up.

    Kim and I can mimic the chirps pretty well, so the video might be him or might be one of us. I don’t have speakers on this machine, so couldn’t say for sure until I got home.

    That sounds pretty close to what Ebenezer does. He doesn’t always like people to watch him get what you throw (never a plastic bracelet, but initially a green jingle ball, then a white wool jingle ball, and now that piece of weatherstripping), and like you said, will drop it and run back to you if you make eye contact. When he returns the toy, though, he’s a total attention-whore and really wants the praise and petting. He’s sharing his kill, after all…nevermind that it was never really alive to begin with.

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