I did not want to mention it earlier, for fear of jinxing things, but it looks like we’ll be the happy new owners of a beautiful 1908-era home. We made an offer, were given a counter-offer (slight price bump to cover closing costs), which we just now agreed to, signed, and faxed back. Barring any catastrophes in inspection or financing, we’ll get the keys on-or-around December 3rd.

The place has an ENORMOUS kitchen, a large bathroom, and ceilings even more high than the house we are currently renting. It has a great basement for Kim’s shop and a great garage and workshed. Because it’s 4(-ish) bedrooms, I still get my home office and Kim gets a good little showroom. I say 4-ish because the two upstairs bedrooms should probably be considered a single one and the front bedroom must be passed through to get to the stairs.

The house does come with a few flaws, though. The stairs are treacherous, like what one might find aboard a ship. In geometry, angles are measured as a fraction of rise-versus-run. Compared to traditional stairs that are up to modern building code, these steep stairs have a rise that’s about 1.25 to 1.5 times taller and maybe half as deep. It is also off of Powell Blvd. For the Orange County folks reading this, that’s similar to being off of Harbor Blvd. Fortunately, there is a little one-way feeder street parallel to Powell that is also technically considered part of Powell right there (sort of like Newport Blvd vs. Old Newport Road, for those following along from The OC), and the back of the property is up against the feeder street, so sound and homeless-people-visits should be at a minimum. Another plus is that we have a good bus route and will be even easier for Kim’s clients to find.


Wish us luck that everything from here on is smooth sailing!

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