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Earlier this week, I was in a constant cranky mood. This is mainly because of an ill-timed muscle knotting in my neck. I guess I slept funny on Sunday and tweaked those ropy muscles at the base of the skull. Today, I am feeling almost completely better. The real kick in the pants was this started only a few days after the bi-weekly massage! Why didn’t it happen a few days BEFORE?!

A few points of interest:
+ I hacked my iPhone to run the 1.1.1 firmware with 3rd party apps, using iNdependence
– I’m using a 1.1.1 beta of SummerBoard which is really slick and all (I like the multi-paging with the dots at the bottom to indicate the page, like in the weather app), but it’s pretty crashy.
+ The YouTube app didn’t work after the hack, but I found some instructions to make it happy again.
+ Apple is supposed to be releasing a real SDK for the phone in February!
– People who say “backslash” when they mean “slash” annoy the heck out of me. “Just go to aich-tea-tea-pee-colon-backslash-backslash” and while we’re at it, the “http://” and “www.” are pretty irrelevant these days, too.
– Puns that play on the aural/oral homophones also annoy me.
– When I hear acappella music, I am filled with the urge to punch someone in the throat. This is increased tenfold when it is an acappella cover song.
+ We’re going to a lecture by the guy who wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Awakenings (turned into a Hollywood blockbuster with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.) He’ll be talking about why the brain enjoys music.
+ Burnside Bridge seems to be open again, which makes my commute MUCH nicer.
+ It smells like Christmas trees outside today.

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