AT&T’s Paper-Wasting Department

The colossal waste of paper known as the iPhone bill arrived today. The previous bill was relatively short, as it only covered a week or so of usage and I had not yet become a power user. Today’s bill was 51 pages, about 45 of which consisted of pages and pages of line items that varied very little from:

7/14 1:23pm, Data Transfer, Data 1K
7/14 1:24pm, Data Transfer, Data, 1K
7/14 1:25pm, Data Transfer, Data, 6K

…with a total (of approximately 17MB) at the bottom of the column on page 51. This bill came in an envelope, but I’ve heard of people whose bill arrived in a large box with $7 worth of postage attached. Based on the number of iPhone users out there, I’m going to guess that AT&T’s bill format will change soon.

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