Pixelmator Beta


It looks like I have been accepted into the Pixelmator beta program. Hopefully it will do everything I need from Photoshop, as I like the idea of paying for software I use, I just like a $50 price tag much more than I like a $1000 price tag. So far, it looks pretty nice and acts extremely fast (because all the graphics computations are done in the video card, not on the main CPU), but a lot of the actions (e.g. changing between tools) do not have hotkeys, which makes things a bit awkward. It seems to import Photoshop files just fine, with the exception that layer effect don’t seem to come through, as Pixelmator doesn’t (yet?) have layer effects. This last bit might be a deal-breaker. But it might not.

Oh, and no, I will not give you a copy.

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