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Much like several other friends, a guy from Schmap contacted me via Flickr a few weeks ago about using one of my Flickr photos in Schmaps. I had never previously heard of the company, but Google did not turn up anything alarmingly negative. Because it was just some random dumb photo, I agreed. I got a note a few days ago that it is now live. My photo is being used to identify The Lone Fir Cemetery on Schmaps. I wonder if their business model of asking people to use their Flickr pictures was intentionally designed to spawn blog posts such as this very one.

In other news, meeting number three(?) with the Financial Advisor was today and, while long, went quite well. There were lots of pie charts and spreadsheets, all generally positive. The charts and tables that weren’t exactly positive were things I kind of already suspected, but it’s good to have someone else prod you on these things so you don’t just go into denial and perpetually ignore them–plus it’s good if that particular someone can give you a good game-plan for turning things around.

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