XML-RPC, WordPress, and Dreamhost

I just started using MarsEdit for writing posts. I tried it when I first set up the blog at the new address, but did not stick with it. I vaguely remember something slightly broken, but that may have been my inexperience with WordPress at the time. Anyway, there is a new version, which is what prompted me to try.

At first, the new version of MarsEdit did not work at all. It turned out (after some Googling) that this is because Dreamhost upgraded to a recent version of PHP, which has a known bug that breaks WordPress’s xmlrpc interface. The fix is simple and now all is well. This will be my first post with the new MarsEdit. Hopefully, the formatting turns out okay, giving me actual links instead of raw HTML codes.

In related news (well, semi-related — they both used to be owned by the same company, right?), a v3.0 release of NetNewsWire, the OS X RSS reader, is now available. It looks pretty slick, although I have yet to see any revolutionary changes from the previous 2.x version I was using.

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