As many know, and some may not yet know, something (what? I don’t know) went down at Mind Candy in the past few days, with regard to Perplex City. First of all, there is their Perplex City homepage, which states that Season 2 will be delayed indefinitely. Then you have blog posts from the in-game characters Violet, Kurt, and Scarlett that basically say the same thing. Add into that the blog posts from a lot of the company/game founders that say that they are leaving Mind Candy: Dan, Adrian, Andrea, and Naomi. Not that I have been following Season 2 (and/or Perplex City Stories) very closely, but two questions that are on everybody’s minds are WTF? and WHY? Did people leave voluntarily because of something going on (bad politics, new job opportunity?) Is a veneer of “voluntary” hiding something else? Or is it just cost-cutting measures? (They had a pretty large staff for being, effectively, a startup company.) Part of me is curious, but part of me just doesn’t care. For the most part, PXC dropped off of my radar when Season 1 ended–I needed a break, then never really returned with anything resembling enthusiasm. For what it’s worth, the wiki and catalog will stay up, despite events.

Edit to add: There is also a farewell message from David Varela, writer.

5 thoughts on “PXC, RIP?”

  1. I’d be surprised (and *really* disappointed in the quality and creativity of the game) if it was a fake-out. Some of the comments on the ex-MC-employee blogs ask the same question, with direct answers saying it’s for real.

  2. So the important question is: will we get the answer to Shuffled?

    Ok, I’m turning my internet f***wad switch off for a moment. I’m really sorry to hear this. I am also fairly surprised that the company will go on after Adrian and the rest leave. To me, he particularly is the face/heart of Mind Candy.

    I have no doubt they’ll all continue making ARGs. So I am happy about that. But it’s sad to see MC gutted.

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