iPod Annoyances

iPod Annoyance #1: You have a really long audio file, for example a podcast or audiobook, and you are trying to find a certain part. You click the center wheel to change modes from volume to seek. You spin the dial to advance your place by about ten minutes. You spin it again to advance another dozen minutes. You spin it again, and you think you’ve reached the right point, but it takes a second to realize it isn’t. You spin it again AND IT GETS REALLY, REALLY LOUD because you hesitated too long and it automatically switched from seek-position mode to volume mode.  This is mainly annoying when you can’t easily monitor exactly what is going on on the screen — for instance while driving.

iPod Annoyance #2: Due to frequent interruptions, you are always hitting the play/pause button while listening to podcasts. Someone comes into your office or your phone rings, so you hit play/pause. A few minutes later, when the interruption is over, you instinctively hit the play/pause button twice quickly in succession to power-on and resume where you were. Sometimes, though, you were not previously listening to a podcast, so that double-click turns the power on, then starts the “My Music” library playing. Because it is nearly 80 gigs of music, it takes about 5 seconds for it to figure out what, alphabetically, is the very first song in the library — during which you cannot interrupt or cancel the operation. As such “2 Live Crew’s Me So Horny” has, by far, the highest play count in my music library.

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