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No brain age today. I feel that if I took the test right now, it would either register zero or 99 or infinity or some other out-of-bounds value. Two beers, two coffees, live music with Eric from Vagabond and the girl with the it-doesn’t-look-nearly-big-enough-to-be-a-bass electric standup bass, the cool gothic/industrial/burningman guy from two East:Meets:Wests ago that ran around dancing with goggles, grease, and no shirt (he was fully-clothed, not dancing, and full of intelligent and funny conversation last night, though.) This morning, too tired and full of hurty — that sort of muscle fatigue in the extremities that you don’t get until you’re no longer 25-and-invincible and you haven’t had enough sleep. I don’t think my brain will work properly until later in the day.

Did anyone else notice that in the famous Magritte painting of the guy with an apple obscuring his face (Son of Man), he’s actually sort of peering at you from around the side of the apple? I had heard something about that a couple of months ago, but got around to investigating it today. It’s sort of creepy.

Yesterday, I went to have lunch by myself and brought along the Nintendo DS to kill a few minutes while waiting for food, check, etc. After placing my order, I loaded up Animal Crossing. The waitress stopped by and was amazed by the size of the DS Lite compared to her original DS. When she saw what game I was playing, she sat down and we geeked out for a few minutes. I now have a few more Animal Crossing tips. Later, one of the busboys stopped to check out the DS, too.

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