"Jesus could've danced better than Barishnikov"

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The lecture last night was about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It was interesting enough, but there were too many biblical references for me to follow closely. It mainly was focused on how Jesus and Mary were addressed in the Old Testament versus the New Testament versus the other biblical writings that are not considered canon. It seems that the church was pretty choosy, back toward the beginning of our calendar, about how to portray Jesus and continued to hone that image of him over the centuries. As best as I could tell, there were a lot of churchgoers as well as students of theology there. The Q&A had a few dissenting opinions, but the academic setting was, fortunately, not conducive to outright argument, but praise followed up by constructive criticism. Kim totally ate up the lecture. It was absolutely worth it just to see how excited she got.

The next two lectures look like ones I can follow a bit more closely — art history/analysis followed by a history of secret societies. If anyone wants to go to those, it looks like individual tickets are still on sale.

We rounded out the evening by attempting to go to Typhoon for Thai food, discovered they were closed, then went to McMenamin's Ram's Head where I was finally able to get the Terminator Stout chocolate milkshake. Woot! Beer milkshake! The fish and chips were a little too batter-y.

This morning, my brain age is 29. I am starting to noticeably improve in memorizing lists of 40-ish words. Admittedly, I am only up to 17-or-so words, but still.

When it comes to those plastic 6-pack holders for soda/beer cans, you hear stories about them getting stuck around bird necks and dolphin snouts, turtles never come to mind. Here's a video of a deformed turtle that grew up stuck in one of those plastic 6-pack holders. What a lovely way to start the day.

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