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From either sleeping the wrong way last night or moving the wrong way this morning, I seem to have done something to my neck. I can turn it left, but I cannot turn it all of the way right without pain. Similarly, I can tilt my head left, but really can’t tilt it at all to the right side without excruciating amounts of pain. This morning, the pain was so bad that I felt close to puking. This afternoon, it still hurts, but is not pukingly bad. I stupidly left my arnica lotion (which I just now learned goes by the alternative name “leopard’s bane,” which sounds so much cooler) at home.

I got paid today and am starting to see (but don’t quite understand yet) the financial differences between “[X]Single / [ ]Married” and “[ ]Single / [X]Married.” Insurance went from $29 to $259. Money to the tax man went down slightly because of insurance. In the future, the tax man’s money may go down a lot more because I’m now trying to be conservative in my W4 allowances. (With the effects of Kim’s business still a big question mark in my mind, I’d rather err on the side of them withholding a bit more money than end up owing a lot in April.) With luck, I’ll get a lot back in April and can put that into the House Fund. Forced savings.

Checks go into the mail tonight for the space and band for October’s reception/party/thinger (more on that in a future post, I’m sure.) A few weeks ago, I waxed on about the Nintendo DS Lite and now I am trying to justify why I do or do not want one when they are released on Sunday (…but I really do want one.) The flip side of that is that, while the credit cards had zero-balance late last year, the summation of three rings, a planned-at-the-last-second roadtrip/honeymoon, and four new tires have put those cards into the red. While a healthy dent has been made in paying them off, there is still a couple of grand remaining before I can again make big payments into the House Fund.

The thing that truly sucks is that I still have the $200 Aperture e-rebate burning a hole in my pocket, but there is nothing at the Apple Store that I want (it only applies to hardware and software, not music or movies) and it looks like it only works for the online store and is tied to my Apple Store login, so I can’t easily sell it to someone for $200. If only Apple sold the DS Lite, then everything would be covered.

I know we’re not hurting for money in the slightest, but every once in a while, the financial stuff scoots from the booksmart side of the brain to the emotional side of the brain and things just sort of feel a little insecure, even though bookish side knows that everything is perfectly fine.

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