Neck, Vampires, and Tetris

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1. My neck is feeling much better today. I had it looked at yesterday and it’s basically a pulled muscle or two. One of them is that ropey one that wraps from the back of your head down around to the front of the neck and forms that little V-shaped hollow at the base of the throat (which, inexplicably, I find to be an incredibly sexy part of a woman.) For me, it’s alternating between putting a heat pack and and ice pack on the side of my neck. The one loosens it, the other numbs it so the area can be stretched a bit and contracts things enough to expunge toxins and things that build up when things are being repaired.

2. Because of my neck, I totally missed the Vampire Ball last night. Kim got to go and it sounded like incredible fun without all the gothier-than-thou pretentiousness that you sometimes get at your run of the mill goth club.

3. I picked up a Nintendo DS Lite this morning. Based on all of the hype online, I figured there would be a bit of a line at Toys-R-Us when it opened. I guessed the super-hardcore we’re-camping-in-line-overnight gamers probably would not be there. Likely, they had to have it right when it was available, so paid all the import costs to get it from Japan a few months ago. Still, I figured there would be enough casual gamers to have a line of 10-30 people, maybe. I arrived a few minutes after opening. The guy had to go find the crate that contained the Nintendos, pop it open, and gave me what was apparently the first one sold at that store. So far, I have played with Animal Crossing, peeked at some of the sample things in Brain Age (but have not set up an account yet), played some Tetris (woot!), and have not yet unwrapped Super Mario. My friend code for Animal Crossing and Tetris will be in the following (friends-locked) post.

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