Not sure if I’m more or less comforted by the cameras

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I lease the house I live in from a management company and it recently changed hands to another company. They had to send someone in while I was at work to inspect the place. While this is perfectly legal and they gave me much more than the mandatory 24 hour notice, it still seems a little abstractly weird. When you set up multiple motion-sensitive security cameras in the house, it becomes concretely weird to see a complete stranger wandering around the house. Of course the cameras are pretty visible… “watching them watching us” and all that.

3:21:03 – Entered house
3:21:08 – Confronted by cats

3:21:56 – Investigated fireplace and/or front door and/or Halloween candy dish

3:30:15 – Cat wants guy to turn on faucet in bathroom
3:42:43 – Guy reads notes on refrigerator

3:42:58 – Guy investigates bathroom (cat has since realized this person is a stranger and will not turn on the water, so keeps his distance)

3:42:51 – Guy enters home office

3:43:10 – Guy peeks upstairs
3:43:51 – Guy leaves

Amazon screwed up my order and is sending another camera. The secret to calling their customer service number is to not hit any options. Once you have started down a phone tree voicemail-jail path, it is virtually impossible to reach a person. If you just sit there at the main menu, you can get a real person. It took two calls to figure this out.

I got a new fleece today, which will stay at work — to go with the umbrella that stays at work. Some mornings, it is pleasant enough that I just throw a jacket on over my shirt, but there have been several days in the past week where it seems nice in the morning, but becomes pouring, cold, and nasty a few hours later and so I find myself without anything warm enough. With fleece and umbrella, I can still walk to lunch without much of a problem.

Last night, Kim and I made pumpkin pies. One was nearly vegan (the crust had a lot of butter) and one was not. The previous night, we made hummus and grilled (mostly root) vegetables.

A pair of warm cats on a cold night is always awesome.

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