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The $10 I spent on lottery tickets during the $340M jackpot became $3 in winnings. That became $4 in winnings. I now have four sets of numbers for tomorrow's jackpot. At this rate, it will probably net me $5, which I won't complain about.

I tend to visit the little mini-mart about a quarter-mile from work once or twice a week. Sometimes it is for lottery tickets, sometimes it is for gum or mints. In the year+ I have been stopping by, today was the first time I have ever noticed the two large plexiglass cases of glass pipes they have available for sale. Yep, they are right next to the “Snoop Approved” rolling papers (which are large enough for those that want to roll fine quality tobacco cigars.) It's like a little mini head shop nestled between the beef jerky and the sunglasses. I only noticed because a gaggle of teenage boys (is “gaggle” the right word?) came and gawked at them, trying to find the perfect one to purchase, while I was there. Just call me Captain Oblivious. As the glass place on Hawthorne says, it is high quality functional artwork! One was in the shape of a mouse while another looked like Godzilla.

I am not sure whether I like Song For Free (2.6M) because it is gimmicky or if it is actually good music. If I still like it after the gimmick has worn off, then I know it is good music. For now, though, I still like it.

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