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I just spent $40 to fill up the tiny gas tank of a sportscar.

I just bought my third or fourth physical CD in the last few years. Of course, like the others, it was a local band that does not exist in iTunes. I just hope that the only Wet Confetti album that Everyday Music stocks is as good as the song I heard on a local music podcast.

I walked down to the Apple Store today to see how long it would take for them to fix my spacebar. It works fine when you hit it in the center, but if you hit it on the left side, where my thumb typically is, it fails to work about 10% of the time. Being a new laptop, only about 3-4 months old and a warranty replacement for my previous one, it was obviously still under warranty. I just wanted to find out if it was something they could do in an hour or two while I hung around the mall or if they had to send it off somewhere. In the process of evaluating it–popping off the spacebar and cleaning under it–he noticed it was actually manufactured incorrectly. The plastic was a little bent. He found a new one in a drawer, popped it back on, and was done. He didn't even check out warranty paperwork or anything and the laptop never left the tabletop of the Genius Bar. Pretty cool.

It seems that Fudruckers (a burger chain) directly linked to this guy's Burgertime Flash game. Of course, they give him no credit and it also eats up some of his bandwidth. What does he do? He changes the page so that links from Fudruckers get a message about stealing, hosting, and ethics. He also opens a bunch of popups (assuming you do not have a popup blocker), as well as redirects the opening page, to images of slaughterhouses. Also, he does this at the end of the day before a 3-day weekend. Haw. Haw.

Time to dye the hair.

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