Items From The Past Few Days

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Items From The Past Few Days:

  • The Doors + Muh Nuh Muh Nun + Macarena = mashup that will not leave your head. Normally I hate mashups for much the same reason as JWZ, but this one is good, creative, and an earworm.
  • Yesterday, I decided to try the new restaurant/wine-bar, which opened up near work. It ended up being more like a wine-bar/restaurant. The first thing I noticed upon entering were all of the bottles of wine everywhere. The second was the crying. Their selection of wine was huge. Their selection of non-alcoholic drinks was: sparkling water. The greek salad was pretty damn good–consisting mostly of feta and olives, but also tomatoes and cucumber. There was a leaf of lettuce at the bottom. It was not worth $9, in my opinion. The owner was really friendly, though.
  • Do you want to see how covered in water New Orleans is? Go here, then click “View Overview Image.” The site layout is kind of wonky so that may or may not work over time. This is the direct link, which also may or may not work over time.
  • Oh, you wanted to know about the crying above? It was a girl sitting in the corner. When I entered, there was crying, followed by a heated cellphone call (of which I could only hear one side) that ended in “well, never call me again,” followed by a fresh flow of tears. You can’t help but overhear this stuff. She was there with an older man (she being mid-to-late 20s, he being probably 50 or 60), who was consoling her. I had difficulty at first determining if it was daddy, husband, boyfriend, or concerned friend. It turned out to be daddy, and daddy’s girl had got herself involved with some guy who used drugs and got her hooked, and she needed to tell him off and throw her drugs in the river and stay at mommy’s or daddy’s house for a few days. There was a second cellphone conversation between he and his (ex?)wife about who would “get” to keep her. I got the impression that while they both loved her, neither was particularly keen on cramping their lifestyle for her. They agreed on some kind of timeshere where each would get her for a day.
  • The cats have been chasing a bug around the house for 20 minutes now. The bug, which turned out to be a ladybug, just landed on my arm. I took it outside to safety. I would not have done that with a moth or fly. Why is that? Prejudice?
  • If I had access to a webcam when I was 13 and had a whole summer to do nothing but click a frame, move an object, click another frame, ad nauseum, then I probably would have made something like this. Safe for work. Not safe for Legomen.
  • I failed to procure pants today, as was my original plan. Most of my pants are either getting really ratty or are getting to be a bit too small. Instead, I went out with some cow-orkers after a particularly long day. I work with some cool people, many of which are in the other building. Nobody I directly work with felt like showing up. One of the guys there was talking about his work in the Marines as a network admin, keeping porn off the network. It turns out that people used steganography (he didn’t use/know the word) to get porn pictures and video in, hidden inside normal digital photos.
  • I unexpectedly fell asleep last night listening to the Window to the Magic podcast. Each episode of this podcast starts with some high-quality stereo microphones in the esplanade between Disneyland and Disney’s California Atrocity. It then goes to a park, through the turnstile, and to a ride, event, or attraction–perhaps not a direct route. You can then make guesses as to the path it takes and where it ends up. The whole thing is an “ambient sound experience.” On paper, it sounds a bit weird, but was either really relaxing or really boring. Whichever it was, it lulled me to sleep pretty quickly. I do not remember much past the little musical jingle that emits from the turnstile. If there is one thing I miss about southern California, it is the season pass.

Yes, I hate quiz memes, but I figured this was rather apropos:

What kind of disease are you?


BrianEnigma is caused by monkeys.

BrianEnigma disease causes a constant lack of clothing.
To cure BrianEnigma, build a lemur colony in your bathroom.
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