Painting Party!

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Reposted here, in case I accidentally left anyone off of the email list:

It’s time for another PAINTING PARTY!

The last one was a great success. Let’s make this one better! Bring your own paint, brushes, canvases, and whatever art supplies you desire. I’ll have some basic paints and and a couple of canvasboards in case someone shows up at the last minute.

Weather permitting (and even if it isn’t, we’ll still try our best), there will be a BBQ available. There will be a few veggie burger patties and beers provided, but if you want anything specific, bring some meat, veggies, and/or booze.

When? Saturday, September 3, 4pm ’till late
Where? ____ SE Pine St.
Bring? painting supplies, drinks, and something to throw on the BBQ


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