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Yesterday: treked through Forest Park. While its 5,000 acres are 5 times as big as Tryon Park, it did not seem quite so distant. No matter where you were, you could always hear some kind of transportation noise–be it the road, the freeway, the trains, or the barges on the river. Still, it was a very pretty place. The loop of our hike was supposed to be about 8 miles, but ended up being more like 10. It was, basically, supposed to be around the Wildwood and Dogwood trails, but we went a little too far down Wildwood, missing our branch, and went a little over a half-mile out of the way. Backtracking got us back in the right direction, over a mile later. Things we saw and did:

The Stone House
Picked (and got stuck by) wild blackberries

We also, randomly, ran into Sarah walking her dogs. The whole hike was about a mile too long for my yoga-hurty legs and we did not end up back at the car until after dark.

One of these days, I need to get a new camera. This one is is an original Canon Elph from 2000 and is starting to show its age.

Today: cleaned house, met up with Brian, Brandon, and Feedle at the Barley Mill, drank beer, listened to Coverville, made nachos with more popcorn shrimp than cheese, and about to take a nap.

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