Ya’ got yer charts, and ya’ got yer graphs

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So on my last post, I included a chart of the #unfiction. It was a little flawed in that the temporal decay, even though I cranked it down a couple of orders of magnitude, still seemed to influence things too much — such that if I ran the same graph for, say, the last 6-12 months, the results would have been about the same.

I ran a new chart for #syzygy, the place we talk about the new Perplex City puzzle/card-collecting-game/contest/lottery/$200K-diversion with the decay bumped down one more decimal place. This one only(!) took a day and a half. The results are…less than ideal. If you can read the names in the central nebula of blue “lines” (or rather, “solid shading”), then you have better eyes than I.

The logs here go back to March 2004, when the pregame marketing-type-stuff was going on.

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