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I saw this the other day on a website:

I may just get one–the larger one that is big enough to cover my existing leather and plexiglass pouch. Heck, it's better than wrapping it in burlap.

Yesterday, having been caught up on podcasts and such, I picked up a new audiobook: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. I think the chainmail sort of reminded me of it, plus the mention a couple of weeks ago of needing to finally get my very own paper copy. (The last couple of times I read it was on the small screen of an eBook reader, which really sort of sucks.)

Yesterday, Kim worked all day at the Handmade Bazaar, but returned home with PRESENTS! I now have one (actually, two) of her newly designed patchwork bags. Pictures are forthcoming. They are just the right size for things like tarot card decks, are excellent checkerboard panels of velvet, lined, and have little pull-tie strings. Did that sound like an advert? She also gave me a candle (which I am still trying to figure out how it was made, based on my long-ago experience of making them) and two bars of fancy handmade soap. This is from a local soapmaker with all kinds of weird concoctions, including a pirate bar containing rum and coconut and such which is solid black and imprinted with a skull and crossbones.

She got some oatmeal-milk-honey soap for herself. While the giant flakes of oatmeal may have looked tasty, I can say without a doubt that it really was just an illusion. In actuality, it tasted like…soap.

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