Dual-Discs and DRM

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When you have a computer with a slot-loading CD/DVD drive, be sure to check for the “CD Digital Audio” logo on any audio CD you put in there. It seems some “audio discs are technically and legally not Compact Discs (CD format), and the CD logo has been removed from the disc.” If you stick one of these in the computer, like, say…oh, I don't know…the new “dual-disc” format (CD on one side, DVD on the other) NIN album, you may be in for some headache.

That will probably be the last time I buy a “dual-disc” CD. This particular early adopter gives it a thumbs down and a big middle-finger. In fact, that will probably be the last time I buy a CD in a long while. The previous time I bought one was The Upsidedown a month ago. Before that was a lag of about two years between buying CDs. It is just so much easier and labrat-pushing-the-food-button-instant-gratification-happy to buy music online and save the physical CDs for obscure and fanboy music.

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