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The podcasting meetup last night was pretty big and fun. I'll have to write about that when I have more time.

I think I got a speeding ticket two nights ago, but I cannot tell for certain. The readout on the automated-radargun-picture-taking van showed about 10 mph above what I was doing because I saw it ahead of time, noticed people slamming on their breaks upon hitting that semi-blind curve at the end of the Morrison bridge, and slowed myself down. There was a car in front of me, but I think it was too close for it to be the subject of the picture. I do not know if there was a car next to me. The whole thing sort of sucks because when you get pulled over, you know it was you and you have a chance of talking yourself out of it (as I did once before–I have never actually gotten any sort of moving violation in my life.) In this situation, I have to wait weeks or months to see if something arrives in the mail. This means that I can positively identify that I got a speeding ticket when I receive it, but I cannot positively identify if the photo was for someone else or had other circumstances to invalidate its accuracy (cars next to or in front of me, etc.) or just gets mailed to the wrong address because nobody is going to specifically say to me “thank you, sir, you are free to go; drive safely.” I just get worried that a few months will pass, I will think I am safe, then two years later some kind of Kafkaesque summons to the castle will arrive with a photo of my license plate attached.

On a lighter note, who's up for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tonight? It is not really playing anywhere convenient, but it will still be fun to see!

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