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Dear Internet,

Please provide me with a podcasting client that actually works. iPodder Lemon is a filthy piece of poo. It was a good “first draft” but never quite seemed to make it out of alpha stage, as far as usability and functionality. iPodderX is another good start. There are a huge number of UI quirks, but on the whole downloads well and integrates with the “top 10 Podcasts” list. The problem lies in the (dis)integration of my iTunes library, which it turned to mincemeat. Thank goodness for backups. NetNewsWire is a huge leap forward, as it existed first as an RSS client, to which they added Podcast functionality. Unfortunately, they download handler tends to crap out for no reason, leaving me with 0-length or partial downloads that I do not find out about until I start listening to the iPod away from the computer.

Please! I implore you, Internet, to provide a functional podcasting client or I will be forced to craft together a big, hairy nightmare out of shell scripts, SED regular expressions, file folder based databases, shells to wget, and crazy calls to osascript for the iTunes AppleScript integration. It really won't be pretty.

Thank you,

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