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Things seen today:
– Wagon with one wheel next to large wooden “FREE” sign.
– Old, balding, tough-looking man behind the counter of a pawn shop, with a short, fat cigar in his mouth.
– Two people waiting at a bus stop, dressed in full punk regalia. They were at that awkward pre-pubescent age in which I had difficulty determining their sex.
– A lone, blue balloon rolling around on the sidewalk outside of the cemetary.
– A modeling shoot, but I was unable to determine if the subject was supposed to be the clothing or the girl, as it was on the sidewalk in front of a clothing store.
– “R. Crumb's Kafka” and “The Dictionary of Symbols,” both purchased.
– A teenage girl, wearing headphones, waiting for the bus, doing some sort of pole-dance with the bus stop sign. (Okay, I lied–I saw this a couple of days ago, not today.)
– Nobody begging for change.
– An old pure silver quarter, which I left in the tip jar.

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