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Podcasts I have been listening to for a while, but did not yet get mentioned on here:

  • OpenPodcast – This is the public access cable channel of podcasts. Anyone can phone in or email an MP3 and it will get included in the feed. It is suggested that the segments be short (under 5 minutes). Because of the Tivo-like nature of podcasting, if a segment sucks, as three quarters of them do, you can just hit the “next” button on your MP3 player to skip to the next one. It includes things like “The Sound of the Day,” which has over-the-top intro and outro music sandwiching a little audio clip of something fairly common and mundane. There are a lot of promos for other podcasts, which is how I found out about The Seanachai (yep, that is a quote from my email in the second entry) and Slacker Astronomy. There are people phoning in comments, and because each clip gets a number, you can reference previous comments. “I have to agree with caller #1401 and say that I liked the old Sound of the Day intro music better than this new newage hippie sounding crap.” It is a very mixed bag, but easy to skip around.
  • Slacker Astronomy – Also, slackerastro. Astronomy news made fun. “If you are not going to care about something, you may as well not care about astronomy.”
  • This One Time… – It has sort of a This American Life feel. Good stories from various people about a specific subject each episode, edited so they flow together well and set down on top of some background music. The topics include things like losing virginity, productive mistakes, last goodbyes, and fight or flight.

You will get more reviews as they occur. I am really trying to find something Joe Frank-like and finding a lot of crap, a few things that are really good, but nothing that is quite like his stuff.

Random tidbit of information: the RSS reader on my phone can handle podcasts, either downloaded to a card or streamed over the air. Niftiness!

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