No home should be without the schizophrenicscope

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Last night's strange dream: I was basically stuck in something like that Michael Douglas movie: The Game, only with a very mystic slant to things. I really do not remember too many of the details except that it was really quite infuriating. If I took no action, it was a given that someone would die. If I went ahead and did whatever it was I was supposed to do, there was only a chance that someone would die. I jumped through the hoops I was supposed to, yet that chance ended up being 100% at every turn.

The most disturbing bit of that dream (or maybe it was a second dream) was a sort of strange artwork or interactive exhibit at someone's house. I walked into a friend's house (not a specific person's, just a generic house of a generic friend) and there was a big exhibit in the front room — like something you would find at OMSI (go figure!) It was a big table-like thing set up with a weight sensor in the floor in front of it. When you stepped in front of it, a little window would show something Magic-8-Ball style (only it was too dark to read the murky words). On the table, at about head level was a little viewer thing, like a stereoptic microscope. Just under that were two little adjustable prism-like things. Looking into the viewer, you could see the room and the people within. Adjusting the prisms would then completely mess things up. You would get a little bit of a kaleidoscope effect for a bit, then you would see a completely different version of the room in front of you. This included versions where everything and everyone was staring at you with inhumanly large, empty eyes — not just the people in the room, but the pictures on the walls and the people on TV. Looking up from the viewer, everything was fine, but a glance back down into it was creepy. Twist, twist, kaleidoscope, twist, twist, one of the guests has big knife wounds. Twist, twist, kaleidoscope, twist, twist, the people who are walking around or otherwise moving are just… not… moving… right, like their joints bend too far or in the wrong directions. The whole thing was really unsettling. Just after that, I woke up.

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