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First off: I know I promised a DVD containing all of the episodes of LOST to one or more people tonight? Who are you all?

This week has been rather hectic and crazy. During the work week, it was all about getting a demo ready for the company to show off in San Jose. The thing that really sucked about that was that there were so many hardware problems, I never actually got to seriously get to the firmware until a day before it was supposed to ship. The whole week was diagnosing and worrying about hardware issues (mostly manufacturing issues like surface mount BGA chips with really tight pin densities being placed BY HAND on boards instead of by the Pick-n-Place machine.) It was all sort of sucky in a really stressful way.

The evenings were similarly filled with work–but computer housekeeping sorts of stuff. This includes:

  • Setting up the laptop and Mini to synchronize photos from one to the other
  • Building up an XSL/T template and shell script to extract photos from my library into a separate directory. Thank goodness for Apple's decision to use XML for their database format. Now, instead of pointing the screensaver at ~/Pictures/iPhoto and recursively getting everything (including unwanted photos and non-rotated originals), I can create the “smart playlist” version of a photo album and extract out just those fun photos
  • Moving the MP3 backup hard drive from the G5 to the Mini
  • Building up synchronization between the G5 and Mini.
  • Trying to devise a way of synchronizing movies, but only some and not all, so that the Mini's hard drive does not fill up.

Today started out with Kim, which was absolutely wonderful, as we had not seen one another since Monday. Later in the day, she had to do sewing stuff and I had to run some errands. I ended up at Tiny's with Brandon and Liam then went to OMSI. The Grossology exhibit was a bit unimpressive. In fact, I had a bit more of a gross-out when talking to Liam about various road-trip related hurls when we went to the Barley Mill. The Barley Mill completely failed to give me my tater tots. After that, Brian and Liam went home and it was a bus over to the Sapphire and lots of talk with Brandon about girls and relationships.

While walking around tonight, I was doing some pretty generic stuff with my new OMSI yo-yo. It was tough to do anything special, as the wooden yo-yo would not do the “walk the dog” very well on cement or hardwood floors, and I did not have an extra hand free for the trapeze-type tricks. I had several people yell out their car windows things like “walk the dog.” Sorry guys and girls, it does not work so well on the sidewalk. Even worse, it takes some pretty big splintery chips out of the yo-yo.

Well, time to take my new book and read myself to sleep. Along with the yo-yo, I picked up A Brief History of Tomorrow, which so far proves to be quite a bit more light than Quicksilver: Volume One of the Baroque Cycle, which seems to be much more difficult to get into than his earlier book, The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (which I was finally able to read about 6 years after originally obtaining the book.)

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